Red Willow Badminton Club

80 Boudreau Rd. St. Albert AB T8N 5N4

780-460-2441             email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Directions - from St. Albert Trail/Highway 2 (St. Albert Centre/Hudson's Bay) go east on Bellrose Ave. to Boudreau Road; turn right at RCMP; club is next door to firehall.


Grip guide  (something new)
At Red Willow we are determined to bring an end to the “fly swatter” technique of stroking a badminton shuttle. Yes, we know how difficult it is to use the correct (VOS) grip, especially on overhead shots, but all it takes is a commitment…perhaps over an extended period of time. It's clearly worth the effort, because those who use the VOS grip usually make this a lifetime sport. Those who use the fly swatter grip often quit the game early out of frustration.We now have a new "grip guide" which we will put on anyone's racket - free of charge.

Junior Group Instruction
Registration for the next junior series for the month of May on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons is now available. Also available are the registration forms for the 2014 summer afternoon camps, plus a brand new morning/afternoon day camp.

Court reservations
Members and guests may reserve courts as far in advance as they wish, for one or two hours. All reservations are on the even hour. Only one court reservation at a time is permitted, and regardless of whose name a reservation is made under, no player can be included in more than one booking. Reservations are confirmed on the website under schedule. Members and guests may phone the club (780-460-2441) to reserve a court, or they can do it by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or in person. IMPORTANT: double booking is not permitted!

Drop-in times
Reservation is not required on Tuesdays 7 to 10 pm or Fridays 9 am to 12, and you don't need a partner because there is always someone to play with. Regular guest fee is charged (see below) and we will even provide loaner rackets and court shoes to new players. If you want to acquire your own racket and court shoes our Pro Shop has an excellent selection at reasonable prices.

Private lessons
Would you like to improve your badminton skill level? At RWBC we can show you how to do it!   Private lessons are available from Jean Folinsbee. The fee is $20 per half-hour, and this fee applies whether the lesson is for an individual, family or group of friends. Call 780-460-2441 for an appointment. Non-members must also pay the daily guest fee.

Canadian Masters Championships
Burlington Badminton Club is hosting the 2014 Canadian Masters Championships April 21-26 at the Haber Recreation Centre in Burlington, Ont.  A total of 250 players from all over Canada, USA and other countries will be participating, including eight members of the Red Willow Badminton Club: Barb Biggs, Nancy Cyr, Norm Carruthers, Anne Emberly, Wendy Jerome, Ray & Sheila Smith and Rosalynn Thompson.

Level 2 Coaches Clinic
Badminton Alberta will conduct a Level 2 Coaches Clinic at the Red Willow Badminton Club on the weekend of May 23-25. To register or for further information please contact the Badminton Alberta office - 1-888-397-2722 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Prairie Regional Military Championship
In the Prairie Regional military tournament at Cold Lake in early March Bill Woods, John Ku, Merle Buck and  William Ripley qualified for the Military Nationals . These CFB Edmonton team members are also members of the Red Willow Badminton Club and have been practising here since November, and participating in RWBC ladders. In the Regional tournament Bill won the senior singles and doubles and was finalist in mixed. John was finalist in open singles, winner in men's doubles with Merle Buck and in mixed doubles with Joyce Yu. William was finalist in masters singles and doubles with Mike Brooks.The Military Nationals are to be held in May at Camp Borden, Ont.

Friday Junior Ladder
The Friday Junior Ladder  draw is made at 6:30 pm and it is very important to check the lineup under schedule because additions & deletions are required by 6:30. Call 780-460-2441 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Courts are available for warmup from 6 to 7 and all players should be here by 6:45. New players are welcome - must be born in 1996 or later. Shuttles are provided at no charge. Guest fee on Friday nights is $15 plus GST, which can be applied to a monthly membership if application is made by the 15th of the month.

Important rules
Clean shoes must be worn on court. Small pebbles or soles that mark the floor are a big problem! When entering the club outdoor footwear must be left in the front hall shoe rack. Food or beverages cannot be brought into the club without  management approval. Food or beverages are not permitted in the playing area, with the exception of capped water bottles. Broken feathers must be placed in the white cups attached to the net posts.

Monthly membership dues
Family (must be related and living in same home) $80; Adult (born in 1945 to 1995) $70; Senior (born in 1944 or earlier) $60; Junior (born in 1996 or later) $50. Non-resident (residing a minimum of 100 km from the club) 50% of dues in any category. GST will be added. Payment of membership dues is made via  electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payments are processed on the 3rd banking day of each month unless notification of resignation is received by the 15th of the month. There is  no entrance fee for new club members, but in the case of current members who resign and at a later date want to renew their membership there is an entrance fee of $200.

Daily guest fees
Family (must be related and living in same home) $25; Adult/Senior (born in 1995 or earlier) $15; Junior (born in 1996 or later) $10 except for Friday ladder when guest fee is $15. Guests who decide to become club members are advised that all guest fees that they pay in any month will be credited to membership dues if they apply for membership on or before the 15th day of the same month.

Red Willow coaching
Would you like to improve your badminton skill level? At RWBC we can show you how to do it!   Private
lessons are available from Jean Folinsbee. The fee is $20 per half-hour, and the same fee applies whether the lesson is for an individual, a family or a group of friends. Call 780-460-2441 for an appointment. Non-members must also pay the daily guest fee.

Red Willow pro shop
We have a good stock of Yonex, Victor &  Black Knight rackets priced from $45 to $250.

Badminton restrings  - while-you-wait service - $35. Normally takes 35 minutes. Call 780-460-2441 for an appointment. We use ASHAWAY ZY MAX 67 durable red string, or YONEX BG 65 - .70 mm soft feeling multifilament white string. If you prefer to use another string that you provide the fee is still $35 with no guarantee offered.We guarantee our restrings until the string is worn out in the center, so if you break a string due to a mishit shot close to the frame it will be replaced free of charge while-you-wait (5 minutes) Minimum charge of $5 for repairs to rackets which were originally strung elsewhere than at RWBC.

Grip wrap We can grip wrap any racket in Yonex white GRAP for $2, or you can buy a package of 3 wraps in various colours for $7.50 and grip wrap it yourself. Each wrap can be split into 2 badminton grip lengths.

Court shoes - RWBC Pro Shop carries an excellent selection of court shoes made by YONEX & VICTOR. We have approximately 100 pair in stock priced at $59 and up.

Red Willow Badminton Club depends on the patronage of our pro shop in order to maintain membership dues & guest fees at current levels, so anyone involved in the sale of badminton equipment or a racket stringing service is ineligible for membership or guest privileges at RWBC. It is our policy to match prices quoted by all other authorized retail sporting goods dealers.

Fun & fitness
Our fun & fitness program is conducted twice weekly: Mondays & Wednesdays 9:30 to noon. Beginners are welcome. There is no charge for club members, and only the regular guest fee is charged for non-members.

Ladder nights
Ladder nights are not just for the experienced competitive players. Anybody  can play, and it's a great way to make new friends. Draws are done by ranking order in the series or round-robin format. Monday - singles; Wednesday - doubles; Friday - junior singles (anyone born in 1996 or later)

Draws begin at 7 Mon-Wed-Fri. Courts are available for warmup at 6. Participants should arrive at the club not later than 6:45. Be sure to check the schedule on our website: - for the list of players participating each week. If your name is not listed, and you want to play, you must register not by email but by telephone 780-460-2441, or in person, before the draw is made at 6:30. Names of ladder participants are automatically carried forward from the previous week, so it is very important that players check the lineup published  on our website under schedule. Those who are listed  in the lineup but cannot play are asked to phone the club before 6:30 when the new draw is made.




  1. Ray Smith
  2. John Ku
  3. Karl Giguere
  4. William Ripley
  5. Billy Kalisvaant
  6. Garry Marler
  7. Ed Mah
  8. Egan McNamara
  9. Dean Perry
  10. Bill Woods
  11. Ethan Pichlyk
  12. Skylar Falardeau
  13. Hunter Carlson
  14. Brett Cornelius
  15. Julianne Cumming
  16. Ben Schmidt
  17. Mike Brooks
  18. Wayne Carlson
  19. Mike Batiuk
  20. Gary Falardeau



  1. Skylar Falardeau
  2. Aaron Felstad
  3. Jolie Hamel
  4. Evan Felstad
  5. Jeremie Gravel
  6. Ethan Agena
  7. Addison Wong
  8. Nikki Dimaano
  9. Reese Stockham-Gerling
  10. Shea Livingstone
  11. Toni Dimaanao
  12. Cruz Mooney
  13. Hunter Mooney
  14. Henry Bordian
  15. Asha Shukle
  16. Priya Shukle
  17. Elijah Agena
  18. Joseph Dimaano
  1. Ray & Sheila Smith
  2. Mike Rasmussen & Dean Perry
  3. John Ku & Merle Buck
  4. Ethan Pichlyk & Hunter Carlson
  5. Billy Kalisvaart & Brett Cornelius
  6. Rosalynn Thompson & Barb Biggs
  7. Shelley Williams & Donna Kerr
  8. Mike Brooks & William Ripley
  9. Henry Fenwick & Carole Kube
  10. Mike Batiuk & Wayne Carlson

Guests are welcome to participate on ladder nights but are not included in ranking list.


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