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Coach's Corner


Badminton is great exercise and fun. Good sportsmanship is of paramount importance. In a club game (when there is no umpire or linesmen) calling your opponent’s shots in or out is not always easy, especially if you do not clearly see the shuttle land. If you aren’t certain their shot was out you should always concede the point to your opponents. Don’t ask for their opinion, or for a replay! Sportsmanship applies to possible rule violations (illegal serve, touching the net, etc) A good sport never accuses opponents of breaking a rule! It just isn’t done in a “friendly” badminton game, which includes Red Willow ladder matches. At sanctioned open tournaments there are normally volunteer officials available to enforce the rules of the game.

Legal Serves

The international rules of badminton for serving contain specific details about the position of the shuttle and the racket head in relation to the waist. Many players think that if they contact the shuttle below the waist their serve is legal. Not so! The head of the racket must be below your hand even if you contact the shuttle at knee level. The most difficult thing to remember, particularly on backhand serves, is to make sure the shaft of the racket is pointing down when the shuttle is actually contacted.

Shuttle Repairs


You can substantially increase the life of a shuttle if you replace the first broken feather. A shuttle may appear to fly normally with one (or even two) broken feathers, but the adjacent feathers will soon break due to lost support in that area, and the shuttle is then beyond repair. Even when a shuttle can’t be repaired, several of the 16 feathers can usually be salvaged to repair other shuttles. All that is needed is long-nosed pliers and an awl, and we will show you how to replace the broken feathers. It’s quite simple to do. If you can’t be bothered repairing your shuttles, or if they are beyond repair, please leave them on the counter in the main lounge so that other members can use the feathers to repair their shuttles.

As a free-of-charge service to club members we will replace broken feathers in shuttles purchased at our Pro Shop - but only if you bring your shuttle to the counter when it has one or two broken feathers (not 10).

Grip Wrap



Private Lessons

 Private lessons by appointment, and the fee is $45 per hour plus GST for members. Non members the cost is $55  for a junior and $55 per hour plus GST for a senior. Students must provide shuttles.

Call 780-460-2441 to book a lesson.

Junior Group Instruction.

Please click here for the February lesson program.

Please call Jean Folinsbee or Janet Johnson at 780-460-2441 for more information.

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